From Glitter to $€£¥: Developing Business Cases for Media Architecture

Date & Time 

Thursday, June 24  |  TBA
Via Zoom



Urban skylines increasingly sparkle and glitter in an attempt to create unique, memorable and welcoming urban experiences. The development coincides with the continuing replacement of advertising screens and billboards by innovative forms of media architecture that promote interactions between people and places. Along with this toolkit of urban lighting continually evolving, there is a need to better understand the strategies that convince decision-makers of the values, benefits and opportunities that media architecture creates for the ‘public good’. Here, financial return-on-investment considerations are often involved, similar to those in digital out-of-home advertising. But media architecture distinguishes itself through an ambition to fulfil cultural or societal purposes, where goals and ultimate economic benefit may be hard to quantify.

For this 3-hour workshop, we invite relevant media architecture professionals to work with us on developing an arsenal of practical tools that aid in articulating business goals of media architecture, balancing them with the medium’s predominant user experience goals. We will build upon our own practical experience in developing a business case for media architecture with an ambiguous cost recovery model that relies on carefully specified value streams instead of conventional income streams such as rental rates, advertising revenue and royalties.

Our workshop is primarily geared towards those who develop(ed) business cases for media architecture projects, or who have a vested interest in unpacking business goals of media architecture through the lens of culture and engagement. Our past work in this space has involved executives, designers and architects, academics and students, council representatives, and builders and contractors. A diverse participant pool is vital to the quality and depth of workshop outcomes.


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Registration Deadline: 1 June 2021


Workshop Organizers 

Niels Wouters (University of Melbourne),
Vanessa Pouthier (University of Melbourne),
Franz Wohlgezogen (University of Melbourne),
Kim Halskov (Aarhus University)


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