Media Architecture
Media Architecture is the emerging, highly interdisciplinary field of design that is concerned with the application of media and technologies in cities. It brings mediated experiences into the urban public realm, bridges the use of digital platforms, technologies, and physical urban spaces, and connects the flows of data with the circulation of people, goods, and other resources – as well as its spatial fix. Examples abound: from urban screens, media facades, robotics, kiosks and displays to urban games and media art installations; from local community platforms, neighborhood planning processes and circular economy-technologies to ‘smart city’ tools, new technologies and digital platforms that monitor, manage and applicate the use of urban resources.

Media Architecture Biennale
The Media Architecture Biennale is a series of international events for designers, artists, researchers, students, and policymakers exploring urban interaction design and the role of media in urban spaces: from urban screens and interactive installations in public space, to smart cities & citizens applications and the theme of playful cities.
We are glad to announce that MAB’s 6th edition – originally planned for the fall of 2020 – will now take place on June 28th – July 2nd, 2021 in Amsterdam and Utrecht.  Previous editions were organized in Vienna (2010), Aarhus (2012, 2014), Sydney (2016) and Beijing (2018)
In the coming months, leading up to the next MAB, various smaller meet-ups and events will be organized discussing media architecture in all its facets. Follow this page for updates on this.
MAB20 is organized by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Urban Interfaces Group at Utrecht University, in collaboration with the International Media Architecture Institute.  
See our Partner page for a full overview of collaborators and sponsors
If you are interested in joining this coalition and contribute to MAB20, please contact us at info@mab20.org 

Executive Committee & General Chair

Martijn de Waal (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Frank Suurenbroek (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Michiel de Lange (Utrecht University)

Nanna Verhoeff (Utrecht University)

Program Chairs

Dave Colangelo (Ryerson University)

Ava Fatah (University College London The Bartlett)

Paper chairs

Glenda Caldwell (Queensland University of Technology)

Joel Fredericks (University of Sydney)

Workshops chairs

Luke Hespanhol (The University of Sydney)

Marius Hoggenmüller (The University of Sydney)

Awards chair

Gernot Tscherteu (Media Architecture Institute)

Doctoral Consortium / Media architecture academy chairs

Katharine Willis (University of Plymouth)

Alessandro Aurigi (University of Plymouth)

Andrew Vande Moere (KU Leuven)

Late breaking work chairs

Martin Tomitsch (University of Sydney)

Alexander Wiethoff (University of Munich)

Publications chairs

Callum Parker (University of Sydney)

Kristina Boychenko (The University of Queensland)

Industry chairs

Hank Haeusler (UNSW Sydney)

Student exhibition chairs

Juan Carvajal Bermudez (Media Architecture Institute)

Olina Terzi (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Student volunteer chairs 

Waldemar Jenek (Queensland University of Technology)

Geertje Slingerland (Delft University of Technology)

Symposium Digital Placemaking chairs

Glenn Harding (Digital Placemaking Institute Sydney / New York)

Emma Shearman (Digital Placemaking Institute Sydney / New York)

Board of Advisors

Ben Cerveny (Foundation for Public Code)

Chang Zhigang (Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing)

Jason Bruges (Jason Bruges Studio)

Martin Brynskov (Aarhus University)

Filippo Lodi (UNStudio)

Ben Schouten (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Local Production & Coordination

Jolanda Tetteroo (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Tamara Dobler (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Social media and communication

Morgana Braga (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Soojeong Yoo (The University of Sydney)

Melisse Vroegindeweij (Utrecht University)

Joyce Overklift Vaupel Kleyn (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Edith Zweerman (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Merel Schrama (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)