Media architecture is a newly emerging, interdisciplinary field, that integrates media and technologies such as screens, interactive installations, apps, digital sensor networks and online platforms in the built environment.
Applications vary from urban screens, media facades, interactive kiosks and displays to urban games and art installations; from local community platforms, and activist interventions to circular economy-technologies and ‘smart city’ tools monitoring and managing the use of urban resources.
Media Architecture advocates an integrated approach to urban design, citymaking and art in public space. Media interfaces, digital technologies and physical elements should be designed in concert, to foster integrated experiences in which the digital and the physical mutually enforce each other. Such an approach aims to improve the experience of a place, to advance the well-being of urban communities, and/or to contribute to the sustainability of ecosystems.



The Media Architecture Biennale is the world’s premier event on media architecture, urban interaction design, and urban informatics. It brings together architects, artists and designers, leading thinkers on urban design, key industry and government representatives as well as community activists. Together, they explore the design and role of media in the built environment and its implications for urban communities and ecosystems.

MAB20 consists of a series of events, meet-ups and publications taking place on- and offline between March 2019 and July 2021. A final event including an award show, workshops and a conference with keynotes and an academic track, is scheduled from July 28th – July 2nd, 2021 to take place in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Previous editions were organized in Vienna (2010), Aarhus (2012, 2014), Sydney (2016) and Beijing (2018)

MAB20 is organized by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Urban Interfaces Group at Utrecht University, in collaboration with the International Media Architecture Institute.  

The event will be put together with a broad variety of local and international partner organizations such as Marineterrein Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger, the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network, Campus Amsterdam, Master Digital Design, Archis, Amsterdam Design Centre, OASC Open and Agile Smart Cities, Digital Placemaking Institute, Urban Media Art Academy, ARIAS The Amsterdam Research Institute of the Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam University of the Arts

See our Partner page for a full overview of collaborators and sponsors

If you are interested in joining this community and contribute to MAB20, please contact us at info@mab20.org 



The Media Architecture Biennale aims to offer a platform for the emerging ‘community of practice’ of professionals and researchers concerned with the design of media in the built environment. Its objective is to bring together professionals from different backgrounds (architecture, art, interaction design, urban design & management, the humanities, policy makers, amongst others) to establish new ways of collaboration between these fields and disciplines in an integrated approach.

At the Media Architecture Biennale, participants showcase best practices and evolving work and insights in the field, explore methods and shared vocabularies for interdisciplinary collaboration. The biennale offers opportunities for networking, and involves professional organizations and educational programs that train (future) professionals and build curricula for media architecture and urban interaction design.

The ambition of MAB20 is to foster discussions on the potentials of Media Architecture beyond the aesthetic appearance on the surfaces of buildings. MAB20 calls for media architecture that moves beyond the mere spectacular, as well as beyond the design of individualized services aimed at (human) customers. With the theme of Futures Implied, MAB20 aims to advance an agenda that shows how Media Architecture can contribute to the well-being of urban communities, and contribute to the sustainability of ecosystems.



As organizers of the Media Architecture Biennale 20 (MAB20), we believe in the benefits of a physical event. We see an added value in a live, on-site program that brings together people from various backgrounds to learn, interact, socialize and celebrate. Therefore MAB20 strives to offer a series of events in Amsterdam and Utrecht as originally planned, with keynotes speakers, workshops, symposia, exhibitions, publications, and more, to take place between June 28th and July 2nd 2021.

However, there are still many uncertainties concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to keep a close eye on future developments. Ongoing or new measures related to social distancing or international travel restrictions may require us to adapt the format of the Biennale. If necessary, we are prepared to shift the Biennale to a hybrid or virtual format, with a combination of smaller scale, on-site meet-ups and internationally accessible online events. Keep an eye on our webpage or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about the situation.



Executive Committee & General Chair

Martijn de Waal (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Frank Suurenbroek (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Michiel de Lange (Utrecht University)

Nanna Verhoeff (Utrecht University)

Program Chairs

Dave Colangelo (Ryerson University)

Ava Fatah (University College London The Bartlett)

Paper chairs

Glenda Caldwell (Queensland University of Technology)

Joel Fredericks (University of Sydney)

Workshops chairs

Luke Hespanhol (The University of Sydney)

Marius Hoggenmüller (The University of Sydney)

Awards chair

Gernot Tscherteu (Media Architecture Institute)


Demos & Poster Chair

Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermúdez (Media Architecture Institute)

Doctoral Consortium / Media architecture academy chairs

Katharine Willis (University of Plymouth)

Alessandro Aurigi (University of Plymouth)

Andrew Vande Moere (KU Leuven)

Late breaking work chairs

Martin Tomitsch (University of Sydney)

Alexander Wiethoff (University of Munich)

Publications chairs

Callum Parker (University of Sydney)

Kristina Boychenko (The University of Queensland)

Industry chairs

Hank Haeusler (UNSW Sydney)

Student exhibition chairs

Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermúdez (Media Architecture Institute)

Olina Terzi (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Student volunteer chairs 

Waldemar Jenek (Queensland University of Technology)

Geertje Slingerland (Delft University of Technology)

Symposium Digital Placemaking chairs

Glenn Harding (Digital Placemaking Institute Sydney / New York)

Emma Shearman (Digital Placemaking Institute Sydney / New York)

Board of Advisors

Ben Cerveny (Foundation for Public Code)

Chang Zhigang (Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing)

Jason Bruges (Jason Bruges Studio)

Martin Brynskov (Aarhus University)

Filippo Lodi (UNStudio)

Ben Schouten (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Local Production & Coordination

Jolanda Tetteroo (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Tamara Dobler (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Social media and communication

Morgana Braga (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Soojeong Yoo (The University of Sydney)

Melisse Vroegindeweij (Utrecht University)

Joyce Overklift Vaupel Kleyn (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Edith Zweerman (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Merel Schrama (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)