Demos & Posters 2

The Demos & Posters Sessions showcase a range of early-stage prototypes and more mature work-in-progress developed by academics, artists and industry professionals. The selected works will be also featured in the Online Exhibition Sessions, where makers will present in the online exhibition space to talk about their projects. This session will be moderated by Brazilian-Australian lecturer, researcher and artist, Dr Luke Hespanhol.

See below the selected demo’s & posters for the category ‘Media Art’:

  • Augmented Theatre – Federico Lagomarsino, Leonor Courtoisie, Joaquina Rivas, Federico Donner, Nicolás Arduino, Gastón Dufau, Pablo Gómez Oliver, Leticia Tanky
  • CYBER-PHYSICAL BIO DUNE – Adrianna Karnaszewska, Agnieszka Trzcinska, Karolina Krzyzanowska, Zofia Sosnierz
  • Futurotheque – Sander Veenhof, Leonieke Verhoog
  • Hiperorganicos – Henriette Bier, Alex Liu Cheng (PhD student), and workshop participants (MSc students and professionals)
  • KINEIN – Eleni Economidou, Moritz Kubesch, Anton Bauer, Dr. Alina Krischkowsky, Martin Murer
  • Riflessi – Lea Brugnoli, Anna Torazza, Andrea Spontoni
  • Woodie – Marius Hoggenmueller, Luke Hespanhol, Martin Tomitsch
Luke Hespanhol

Luke Hespanhol

Lecturer, Researcher and Artist