Experiments With The Imaginative Nature Of Responsive Fibre Concrete

Date & Time 

Tuesday, June 29  |  09:00-13:00 CEST, 03:00-07:00 EDT, 17:00-21:00 AEST
Via Zoom 



In this workshop, participants are invited to test and explore the creative potential of responsive fibre concrete. This innovative technology developed by iart merges the digital and physical realms. Responsive fibre concrete forms a membrane that reacts to human proximity, with an ability to interact with its environment in diverse ways. Emerging from the concepts of Hypernature and Wabi-Sabi, the technology offers an interactive, dynamic, and situational system. It enables the creation of singular responsive surfaces at very varying scales: from a single wall, to a skyscraper facade. The workshop takes place virtually, but participants will have the opportunity to experiment with fibre concrete in a conceptual exercise. By exploring and engaging the different behavioural patterns, aesthetic qualities and effects are experienced, emergent scenarios are discovered.


Signing up 

Send an email to communication@iart.ch


Workshop Organizers 

IART (Laura Company, Valentin Spiess and Bettina Lotz)


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