Prototyping Next Generation Urban Interfaces

Date & Time 

Monday, June 28  |  11:00-15:30 CEST, 05:00-09:30 EDT, 19:00-23:30 AEST
Via Zoom



Urban interfaces play an important role in the field of media architecture and smart cities. They enable citizens to access the digital layer of the city, to interact with urban applications, and to make more informed decisions about how they utilise the urban infrastructure. As the field of media architecture is diversifying, urban interfaces can also take on new forms, from advanced projections, robotic installations to bio-hybrid materials. These interfaces are complex to develop and in many cases difficult to test in real-life situations with users. This workshop invites people working in this field to submit new approaches for prototyping next generation interfaces in urban environments. The aim of the workshop is to take stock of the status quo and to inspire new approaches that have the potential to accelerate and support future work on designing and evaluating emerging urban interfaces.


Signing up 

Please send a 500-words abstract (in any format) to
Deadline: May 28th


Workshop Organizers 

Alexander Wiethoff (LMU Munich)
Martin Tomitsch (University of Sydney)
Marius Hoggenmueller (University of Sydney)
Luke Hespanhol (University of Sydney)
Linda Hirsch (LMU Munich)
Beat Rossmy (LMU Munich)
Stewart Worrall (University of Sydney)


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