The City as a License: Design, Rights and Civics in a Blockchain Society

Date & Time 

Thursday, June 24  |  14:00-18:00 CEST, 08:00-12:00 EDT, 22:00-02:00 AEST



The goal of this workshop is to work towards a special issue / edited volume on the theme of The City as a License: Design, Rights and Civics in a Blockchain Society. We seek written and visual contributions that explore the opportunities and challenges as well as actual experiments and designs of Digital Ledger Technologies in civic contexts, from a perspective of urban governance, social justice and the ‘right to the city’. 

In the past few years, a number of authors have expressed the capabilities for blockchain to become the administrative backbone of civic economy, peer-to-peer and urban commons projects  DLTs are seen as technology that could further promote urban commons as systems of resource production, management and governance within communities that focus on use value rather than exchange value, and are thought to contribute to more inclusive, sustainable urban societies.

In these scenarios, DLTs are set-up as an administration, management and allocation tool for public and civic resources. However, these DLTs are more than just accounting tools. They have come to de facto govern the systems and communities that they administer, meaning that it becomes important to explore their effect on social dynamics and power relations.

In a half-a-day workshop, authors present their abstracts and discuss their themes, argument and research approach.


Signing up 

Prospective participants are invited to send in an abstract of around 500 words describing their envisioned contribution to the special issue.

  • Deadline for submissions is May 15th.
  • Notification of selected abstracts: June 1st. 

The workshop will take place online. Selections will be made by the organising committee / editors of the publication. 

Submissions are to be made through easychair. Click here to sign up!


Workshop Organizers 

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Civic Interaction Design Research Group & Institute of Network Cultures (Martijn de Waal, Gabriele Ferri & Inte Gloerich); Institute for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh (John Vines & Chris Elsden).


More information & Contact

For more info, including an extended call for participation, click here.