ARTICLES | “Essential Futures”

ARTICLES | “Essential Futures”

Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, one of our local partners, the architectural design practice UNStudio, has created a series of articles entitled “Essential Futures”. The series reflects on “the impacts this extended crisis will have on urban life-as-a-we-know-it” and is divided into 6 articles. Each piece focuses on one of the following ‘essentials’:

1. Deep Adaptation;
2. Public Health Places;
3. Meaningful Engagements;
4. Self-sufficient Communities;
5. Infrastructures of Care;
6. Modeling & Simulation.


“Essential Futures” can be closely related to our MAB20’s theme ‘Futures Implied’, which questions what future scenarios are implied in today’s urban context? And how can we shape our urban technologies to respond to their surroundings, contributing to cities that are both socially and ecologically sustainable?

To access the UNStudio’s “Essential Futures” Click Here


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