ARTWORK | ‘Wave of Rainbow’

ARTWORK | ‘Wave of Rainbow’

Architect & artist Anaisa Franco has shared with us one of her latest creations: Wave of Rainbow, an interactive public artwork that creates a colorful wave while people walk along with it. 

The concept of the proposed project is about adding fantasy in one’s journey while visiting the park and making it a fanciful experience. To accomplish that, the artwork uses technology to evoke, in a cheerful and metaphoric way, feelings of acceptance, belonging and self-stem. Franco is based in Barcelona, and for the past few years, has created a prolific portfolio of new media artworks. Most of her works were developed via grants, prizes, and commissions, and have been exhibited in public spaces, museums and galleries worldwide. 

Wave of Rainbow was commissioned by Annecy Paysages 2020.


Photo Credit: ©Léonard Contramestre

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