Selected Demos & Posters

Selected Demos & Posters

The MAB20 Demos & Posters Sessions will showcase a range of early-stage prototypes and more mature work-in-progress developed by academics, artists and industry professionals. The selected works will be also featured in the Online Exhibition Sessions, where makers will present in the online exhibition space to talk about their projects.

Check out below the selected Demos & Posters:

Subject: Mediated Encounters


Augmented Interactive Documentary


Design your city


Cross Cultural Urban Media Exchange


Big Apple_Small Plug-in
Pandemic Architecture; Social Distancing; DIY infrastructure


Radical Media Architecture in Precarious Times
Situated [Story-Place-Media] Making during COVID-19


Here but when: The archive across space and time
An interactive network of spatial information augmenting the present configuration with ones from the past through various levels of accessibility.


Subject: Media Art


An urban furniture connecting human and nature in highly urbanized areas.


Sensor-actuator prototypes linking virtual and physical worlds.


How to configure our future life?


Augmented Theatre
Actions against the invisible


A vortex of water around a mirrored cylinder.


An Urban Robot For Hybrid Placemaking



A kinetic physical display with a particular mechanism that makes use of sequential tile rotation for playful tangible interaction.



Subject: Public Spaces


A large-scale, mobile urban futures game


Curiocity 2021 – Augmented reality games for community engagement 2021
Four AR experiences to encourage community engagement


Empowering citizens to block camera lenses; exploring digital rights in public space


Interactive and Real-Time Facade Shading
A dynamic shading system that responds to user movements, position and adapts to external climate and lighting conditions


Back to the Future of Public Space: Postcards from 2020
Imaginative exploration of the consequences of the pandemic on public space


#ROSHOP_Responsive Open Source Modular Housing Prototype
Sharing architectural prototyping and refugee innovation knowledge using GitHub



Media Architecture for neighborhood resilience 
Generating a set of design strategies for promoting neighborhood resilience through Media Architecture.



Subject: Prototypes & Devices


Novartis Pavillon
A zero-energy media facade


An Exploration to Enhance Human-machine Collaboration through Eye Gaze
An Exploration of Remote Human-machine Collaboration through Eye Gaze Using 3 Modes of Interactions


From analysing gaze to creating communication
A wearable device that uses eye gaze to interact with objects and people in the environment


Walk Walk Dance
Enchanting the post-COVID city


World Collider
Tomo Kihara


Uptown Underground
A geographically accurate view of the cityscape above a moving subway train, projected onto its ceiling, as it moves under New York City