Workshop Report: Designing Restorative Cities

Workshop Report: Designing Restorative Cities

Thirteen students and young professionals with multiple backgrounds from three continents applied and were selected to investigate possibilities of integrating systems of resilience in the design of our rapidly densifying cities. The workshop offered a platform to discuss strategies to make our cities more restorative (i.e. being able to restore and reinvent in the face of change) and to test new narratives and pathways in an interdisciplinary approach. All this in three hours time. ‘An impossible and therefore immensely challenging task’ reacted Ben Hooker, one of the three workshop organizers, next to Frank and Stefano Andreani.

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Workshop Organizers 

Frank Suurenbroek (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam),
Stefano Andreani (Harvard, Graduate School of Design),
Ben Hooker (ArtCenter College of Design)


More information & Contact

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