Elnaz Ghazi


Elnaz Ghazi is actively working as professor (Docente a Contratto) at Master of Neuroesthetics in department of Medicine and Surgery ( Medical Systems) at Tor Vergata University of Rome in Italy.

Her research interests focus is specifically on the brain waves and facial expressions as a mean to capture the users’ emotions, feelings and sensations. Her research is not only in the field of Neuroscience and architecture but also about computational design and coding with special attention on Robotic and Artificial intelligence that incorporate in Interactive Architectural space as Meta Body (as social Robots) system that able to communicate with group of users to improve the social interaction, emotion and mental health of users in Interactive Architectural space capturing the Facial mimic and emotional brain wave.

She is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary research that unites Architecture and computer science (particularly artificial intelligence and Robotic) using Big Data (as Codes in the Clouds) from Neuroscience, Psychology and social sciences.