Gabriele Ferri


Gabriele Ferri works at the crossroads of design research, education, and the creation of experimental ways to engage people from all walks of life in imagining together how their neighborhoods might be different. He’s concerned about the future of our cities and (occasionally) his own.

After a Ph.D. in Semiotics (Università di Bologna, Italy), he conducted qualitative research in human-computer interaction (Indiana University, USA) and research through design in playful and pervasive interactions (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands). He is currently Senior Researcher at the Lectoraat in Civic Interaction Design (AUAS), as well as Head of Program at the Master Digital Design at the same institution. Combining his interests in playful and ubiquitous interactions, speculative design, and location-based experiences, Gabriele pursues a research agenda focusing on the social, cultural and political consequences of digital design.