Loes Bogers

Loes Bogers works as a researcher and educator at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Her research and teaching centers around the idea that knowledge can be created through making and being as well as thinking, writing and other scholarly activities, and spans across practices of electronics, writing, digital fabrication, material research, biology, collaborative archiving, chemistry, and craft. She explores approaches of critical making and research through design to question the frames of reference within which we design and create, in order to imagine more just, more equitable, more-than-human futures. In 2019, she published the Critical Makers Reader: (Un)learning Technology, co-edited with Letizia Chiappini and published by the Institute of Network Cultures. She believes that demystifying scientific fields by engaging in DIY biology, kitchen sink science, technology hacking and material alchemy, is an important step of forming richer relationships with the (living) material world. She has been starting little fires around campus to bring together students, educators, researchers and external partners to become part of the learning community.

Loes’ previous experience lies in developing collaborative projects and learning experiences in electronic and interactive arts and design. She has worked in several medialabs (the Patching Zone, Digital Art Lab, Kitchen Budapest, Medialab Amsterdam) as program director, educator, project developer, project manager and artist in residence, and has taught several workshops and courses at art and design schools in the Netherlands. Loes is a core member of the non-profit workshop initiative Hackers & Designers in Amsterdam since 2018.

She holds a BA in Media & Cultural Studies from the University of Amsterdam and an MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice from Goldsmiths, London. Loes also successfully finished the Fab Academy and Fabricademy programs at the Academy of (Almost) Anything and continues to build on these experiences in her teaching and projects.