Marta Malé-Alemany


Marta is a doctor in architecture, researcher and curator specialized in the relationship and integration between design and digital production technologies.

Her work methodology integrates research and experimentation on materials, the development of special custom software and/or hardware for fabrication, and the use of digital manufacturing processes present in the industry. Her focus is innovating industrial design and construction with novel material solutions and building processes, to expand their creative possibilities and address today’s global challenges. In practice, she has applied this approach in architectural interiors, large-scale installations and building applications.

Currently, she is a Head Lecturer in Digital Production at the Faculty of Technology of AUAS – HvA (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences – Hogeschool van Amsterdam), and is part of the Urban Technology Research Program –which includes 80+ researchers focussed on Mobility & Logistics, Urban Design, Energy Systems and Circular Design & Production – Within the chair of Circular Design & Production, Marta guides the implementation of digital production for Research and Education, seeking solutions that contribute to the Circular Economy of the city.