Marthijn Pool


In the development of Space&Matter’s Business Ecosystem Marthijn is responsible for the emergence of multiple new business ventures. WeBuildhomes is a radical customization company that delivers Architecture at affordable prices. CrowdBuilding is an Online platform that empowers citizens to take the right to the development of the city into their own hands. BoomBuilds is a PropTech that revolutionizes the design-development-prodcution chain of biobased construction. Their real-estate development company CommonCityDevelopment focusses on conceptualizing, design&develop and finance&realize regenerative projects, neighbourhoods and entire city models. What drives them; ‘Taking responsibility in realizing purpose driven and positive impact projects, implementing Circular Economy principles and aiming for a healthy and equal society by contributing to the built environment in radical and innovative ways’.

Marthijns profound practical experience and keen knowledge in process oriented design strategies enables the architectural team to operate effectively. Characteristic is his theoretical, conceptual mindset in combination with a hands on mentality.