Playful experience through interactive sonic design in virtual environments

Date & Time 

Saturday, June 26  |  10:00-13:30 CEST, 04:00-07:30 EDT, 18:00-21:30 AEST



Sound plays a vital role in public spaces, yet studies on the effects of sound perception on crowd behaviours are limited. This workshop, organised by a team of scholars, sound artists, and media architects will address this through a combination of experts talk followed by an experiential activity where all participants will be invited to explore a series of sonic spaces within a virtual environment. The workshop aims to invite participants to explore the relationship between sound and engagement in public space and demonstrate how sound can affect the duration of stay and potentially enable or inhibit engagement in public space. Participants will be invited to experience a virtual sonic environment with the aim to inform designers and scholars about the possibilities that they can draw on when using sound as a medium for engagement in public space. Participants will be able to move freely between a series of spaces, each with a defined sonic environment. These sonic environments will change depending on the number of people in each space and the relationship between these spaces.


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Workshop Organizers 

Xiaoduo Xu (Bartlett, University College London)
Qianhua Fu (Xinhua Zhiyun Technology Co.)
Busra Berber (Bartlett, University College London)
Ava Fatah gen. Schieck (Bartlett, University College London)
Hamed Alavi (Human-IST Institute, University of Fribourg)



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