Towards Public Digital Cultural Infrastructure

Date & Time

Thursday, July 1st | 13:30-15:00 CEST, 07:30-09:00 EDT, 21:30-23:00 AEST
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The Foundation for Public Code and its partner states and municipalities are collaborating towards a society in which a rich set of open platforms and tools are offered to every resident of a city or state as public infrastructure.  We are already helping build services like open collaborative decision-making systems for urban planning, traffic flow simulations, and open budgeting tools.  We believe that in the 21st century, digital services will join transportation, energy, and waste management systems as fundamental ways that the city supports the everyday lives of its residents.

A crucial part of this coming digital public infrastructure are open tools and platforms that enable expression, curation, performance, and inhabitation of culture.  Immersive projection environments, media facades, semantic spatial graphs for AR applications, operating systems for cultural facilities like libraries, performing arts centers, musea, are all the types of collaboratively built and maintained codebases we see as core digital applications in a modern municipality.

This panel will bring together artists, technologists and policy makers to talk about the future of public cultural production using tools and platforms deployed on an urban scale and beyond



Organized by Ben Cerveny


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