Urban commons and participation in the context of the platform society

Date & Time 

Tuesday, June 29  |  10:00-15:00 CEST, 04:00-09:00 EDT, 18:00-23:00 AEST (2×2 hours)
Via Zoom 



The growing technologization of urban spaces has prompted changes in the way we understand cities. While the use of technology in cities was originally focused on improving administrative workflows, the growing number of applications, systems, and datasets available or generated by cities, has led scholars to conceptualize the city as a platform where multiple actors participate and interact. In this context, we want to explore how such platforms have impacted or can be adopted for the management of commons, to generate new forms of decentralized participation and generate new dynamics between citizens, institutions and experts.

The workshop will present two main tracks, one focusing on the management of commons by local communities and the other dealing with new forms of participation or administration that have emerged or are still to be created in cities. During the workshop the participants will conceive new methods and tools that explore, for example, a) how communities and citizens can efficiently manage and share resources within a city; b) new forms of governance that allow for more decentralization; and c) propose and execute small or large urban transformations.

The results of the workshops tracks are expected to show new concepts for commoning and participation platforms. Based on the knowledge exchange and experience of the participants we will create and prototype future (digital) tools for urban commoning and decentralized forms of governance and participation.

In addition, the workshop is connected with the symposium Collaborative city-making in the platform society taking place on Monday, 28 June 2021. We recommend attending the symposium before joining the workshop (but it is not a precondition).

This workshop is part of the ​OPENhauswirtschaft research project. The project is ​IBA Vienna​ candidate and is funded by the ​Climate and Energy Fund​ and carried out within the program “Smart Cities Demo – Living Urban Innovation 2018″.


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Deadline for participants’ expression of interest 10th of June 2021.


Workshop Organizers 

Gernot Tscherteu (realitylab GmbH),
Julia Jesella (realitylab GmbH),
Juan Carlos Carvajal B. (Media Architecture Institute)


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For more info, contact click here or send an email to office@realitylab.at