Visualizing Urban Happiness

Date & Time 

Friday, June 25  |  10:00-15:00 CEST, 04:00-09:00 EDT, 18:00-23:00 AEST
Platform: Zoom – link TBC



Creating urban environments that cater to health and happiness is one of the biggest challenges faced by city planners, architects, designers, and policymakers. Yet, people who live in cities often lack the tools to inform decision-making processes that affect their quality of life. For this reason, they do not realize the potential of what they can bring into decision-making processes.

The objective of this workshop is to develop a blueprint for making city dwellers aware of and involved in changes to city design and governance. The workshop will be conducted as an immersive experience where participants from all over the world connect to harvest urban data and create a framework for happiness. The workshop will host 20 participants that will be divided into smaller groups of 3 to 4 people, who will collaborate digitally. 

The facilitators will engage with the participants by introducing the theme and providing them with tools and guidance throughout the workshop through a digital whiteboard (Mural) and zoom.
During the first part of the workshop, the teams will look into the relationship between people, places, and technology. The teams will venture outside, analyze their neighborhoods and gather urban data: the stories, photos and videos on their daily interactions with people, spaces and services. 

In the second part, participants will consider how the generated urban data can reflect happiness, and in turn, how showing that happiness (or lack thereof) in visual forms can affect the processes that would improve it. The workshop will lead to creating a visual framework and a digital toolkit for visualizing urban happiness.


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Workshop Organizers 

UNSx | UNStudio
UNSx is UNStudio’s in-house innovation think tank and experience lab that is grounded in architectural, urban and product design, we research and experiment with new methodologies, technologies, processes and materials to design solutions for the shared human experience. UNSx supports UNStudio – an awarded global architectural design network with four full-service international offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Frankfurt.

Squint Opera
Squint/Opera is a creative studio that brings together storytelling, media production, technology and design. We work with ambitious partners to communicate big ideas within the built environment, cultural institutions and green technology. With studios in London and New York, we work with an international portfolio of clients on a variety of content-drive and experiential projects. We blend creativity and technology to make big ideas happen; combining strategy with design, content and software.