Vladimir Grafov

Holds an engineering degree in experimental physics from Moscow Nuclear University (completed in 1987), worked as a researcher at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow. 

Moved to the Netherlands in 1989 and became actively involved in Amsterdam art scene. Collaborated with different artists in projects requiring advanced technical skills. Non-technical activities included co-production of the TV-programs for Amsterdam-based Rabotnik TV and live broadcasts at Amsterdam pirate radio stations. 

In 1993, co-founded the art collective Laboratories of Art Technology, with focus on artistic research using advanced technologies, such as lasers and remote sensing in interactive outdoor installations, multimedia performances and theatre. Collaborations included Royal Dutch Conservatory, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival and Holland Festival. 

In 1996, co-founded the London-based art collective Raylab. Produced in- and outdoor laser shows, multimedia installations and interactive artworks in London and other UK locations. 

Between 2003 and 2008, co-founder and active member of Hivenetworks, a London-based collective focused on the paradigm of ubiquitous computing, free networks and “Internet of Things”. Hivenetworks developed the software platform and different related artworks based on the advanced large-scale mesh networks. Works were shown at different venues, such as the Dortmunder-U art center in Dortmund and Dutch Electronic Art Festival in Rotterdam. Hivenetworks collaborated with different local communities in Europe, including consume.net in London and C-Lab in Berlin.

Starting from 2010, was involved as advisor in the development of various artworks using advanced technologies, including works by Labyrinth Psychotica and Synergetica Lab. 

From 2015 onwards, creates in- and outdoor artworks and installations using sensors, laser technology, conventional light sources and high-tech materials. Works were shown at different venues and festivals, including TechArt in Rotterdam and Todays Art in Den Haag. Currently, is an active participant in the Living Art Lab initiative, based at Marineterrein in Amsterdam.